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Brad Gromis

This past Saturday evening, the keyboardist (only 50 years old and basically healthy) from our music team passed away from COVID-19. He and his family were a beloved, longtime part of our church, and his loss to us is devastating, though we rejoice that he is with his Savior now.

Now his wife and father-in-law are hospitalized with COVID-19 infections, as well, and his father is hospitalized for a presumed stroke.

Please pray for the Matos family as they grieve the loss of a husband, a son, a father, and a brother. Please pray for the family's recovery from their own bouts with this terrible disease. Please pray that Jesus' name may be made famous through the testimony of the family and our church as we grieve and serve together.

Thanks, Charis Family ... I am so very grateful for you all.

Received: April 8, 2020

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Ismael (Central Africa)

Containment is also applied in Central Africa. The situation of many is very precarious.

- Pray for Ishmael and his family, the confinement is hard with 9 children in a small house!

- Pray for the evangelists who find themselves limited in their ministry: may God support them and provide for their needs.

- Pray for the dispensary under construction (supervised by Ishmael), that the project will be successful and bear fruit.

Received: 6-04-2020

Received: April 6, 2020

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Rainer Ehmann

Brothers and Sisters,

I got the following information from Moïse Charles, a leader within the Charis Fellowship of Haiti:

Pray for Haiti, for our brothers and sisters in places like the Central African Republic, Chad, Nigeria, Cameroon, etc.


Received: April 1, 2020

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Jacquie Jensen

Praise: phone conversation today--I was able to counsel a young man about how to share the Gospel (truth with tenderness) with his wife.

Received: March 29, 2020

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Prayed for 61 times.


Pray for the local church pastor in a small church who may not have the technology or experience with connection technology and he is trying to stay connected to the people God has entrusted to him to care for and equip for ministry. There are opportunities now he does not want to miss.

Received: March 29, 2020

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Shu Aoki

From Okinawa, Japan. We are doing well but we don’t know what will happen next week and a week after. Please pray for us to be in peace by God’s grace and for many Japanese to think about their salvation through this critical condition.

Received: March 28, 2020

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David Guiles

From Grace Church. Church meetings are suspended due to infection but they are all in good health. Pray for daily bread, for the older brothers and sisters, and for the authorities. For the Lord to free us from sickness, if that is his will.

Helena Magalhaes Rosario

Received: March 28, 2020

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Malcolm Stevens

From Shirley, England.

I am well but I have to remain isolated for 12 weeks as I am in a high-risk category. I do lots of counseling via Skype or FaceTime. I also enjoy gardening. We check up on each other quite regularly so the Lord is sustaining us all.

Received: March 28, 2020

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Prayed for 59 times.

Hibaile Augustin

In the Central African Republic, we are beginning to take measures to protect against COVID-19. The government has closed schools and churches, and limited gatherings to 15 people. However, there are many who consider this a problem of developed countries that will not affect us here. Pray that our pastors serve as effective shepherds to speak truth and minister effectively during the coming crisis!

Received: March 28, 2020

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Chhay Chhoeum

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greeting to you all in the name of our Lord and Savour Jesus who we were serving. In Cambodia the situation is not well there are now 98 people positive with Covid 19. There are 40,000 people who recently returned home from Thailand. These people are a threat to the community as they could arrive with the Covid. We will face the spreading of the disease and also the impact on our economy. At present, most people are unable to open their businesses and must stay home. Those who come from Thailand also have no way to work. In the meantime, we cannot do our business as usual that will bring us to the economic crisis. Please pray:

1. God will heal our country soon, finish the spreading.

2. God protect, and care for Cambodia ministry partners and family.

2. Pray for possible ways to teach our youth through Messenger.

3. As they are staying home pray that their faith in the Lord Jesus continues growing. They could become Jesus disciples through reading and study their bible.

4. Pray that God will protect all youths who go back home and stay with family that God will protect from the disease as well.

In Him


Received: March 27, 2020

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